‘On October 14th when Naz left us, coming down Broadway in the car, the sea was the same colour as the sky. Like a mill pond, so much so that you couldn’t see where they both met and I thought of Naseem’s Grandad on the same sea with his boats and I thought what a lovely picture to see on the day Naz left us.’

‘Naseem had a wonderful sense of humour, knew her own mind and could relate very well to people from all walks of life.’

‘Naseem showed compassion for others, was always there for her friends when they needed her.’

‘Naseem showed tremendous bravery, dignity and determination in fighting her illnesses.’

‘Naseem had such a wonderful sunny smile that lit up a room’

‘Her smile was a slow smile’

‘I now think of you as Jessica’s Guardian Angel’

‘Naseem had strength that couldn’t be bought, while others would whimper she stayed strong and fought. A tower of strength the Naz we all knew, her time was getting shorter as her love for life grew. Now God has asked her to go get her wings she’ll watch from above as she dances and sings’. Heaven is her stage the stars are her light.’

‘She will be there showing MJ how to dance right. We will miss you Naz our admiration stands tall, sweet dreams my lovely - god bless from us all.’

‘Its been a privilege to know you darling Naz you have been an inspiration to us all and the way you faced your illness at the Hospice Day Centre helped other patients draw strength from your courage.’

‘I will miss you Naz you were the Island’s second best dancer after me.’

‘Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity will go from strength to strength we are so proud you set it up, as always you were thinking of others at the worst time in your lovely young life.’

‘Naz all my love to my great friend we had so many laughs and great memories at the Hammond, Chester and you will never be forgotten.’

"I keep thinking of you in the car when we were on our way to dancing, you had your little baby rabbit with you - you took her everywhere.’

‘I remember when you got hold of the camera, you were about 2 years old and when mum developed the film there must have been about 30 pictures of you with your dummy in your mouth.’

‘We all miss our Wonder Woman.’

‘I am so sorry that you had to go so soon, you were such a gorgeous, happy and fun loving person to be around and you really have left an imprint on mine and many other people’s heart, you will be truly missed by all.’

‘Friend to everyone.’

‘To one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing - I don’t think anyone can believe you are gone Naz, you were one of the most talented, gorgeous, kind and spectacular people I have ever met. Heaven has a brand new star tonight, keep shining babe.’

‘You never ever complained and continued to smile for us all.’

‘You had more talent in your little finger than any of those Wannabe’s on the X-Factor.’

‘To the girl who liked a good party.’

‘I loved you from your first breath and I shall miss and mourn you to my last’.

‘My first memories of meeting Naz (as she liked to be known) was during an assessment at her home. A rather unassuming young lady sat in front of me, I think measuring me up, as to what I could offer a student, a talented artist and beautiful young woman.’

‘Hanging on the lounge walls were artefacts created by Naz, they were inspirational, vibrant and feminine…she had an amazing creative flow.’

‘She used to make us smile as she would wander in to the Younger Persons Day Centre at Hospice
applying her lip gloss, or just slightly touching-up her mascara whilst listening to her IPod.’

‘We giggled on one occasion, when she came face to face with a young man she had met socially,
both looked slightly embarrassed, a liaison from years ago, young love!  We have all been there but not with an audience…with a modicum of dignity - she continued.’

‘Naz would sit with the patients at lunch, listening to jokes and narratives and exposed to the naked female form…for medical purposes! She was integral to all that was happening. She posed for a photographer - she had poise the most alluring eyes, sang, painted, worked out with the group and lived life to the full.’

‘She was proud of her family; she had empathy for others and enjoyed chocolate cake and bubbly!’
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