Every day, six people young people in the UK will be told they have cancer. Devasting news for them and their families!  I know as I have been there. 

After the initial shock and when they start going through treatment, their journey can be very emotional, they can feel isolated and scared.  The diagnosis of cancer can have a huge impact on a young person's life.  Areas such as physical changes, loss of hair, weight gain, disabilities, emotional feelings, friendships fading away, life goals changing, lack of independence, and social isolation are some of the common factors that may affect young people. 

It can be an incredibly isolating and scary time being put on a ward with no one your own age.  However the benefits of being with other young people at this time and having their support does make a difference.

Having someone else of a similar age to talk to about your treatment, being on a  ward that can cater for a your needs along with help from expert nursing staff  who have experience of working with young people and who understand the unique needs of this age group all helps. Some people say that young people have a much better chance in their fight against cancer if they are treated by teenage cancer experts in an atmosphere suited and tailored to their needs.

The Teenage Cancer Trust, has three units in the North West, one being at Clatterbridge on Sulby Ward.  It is a 4 bedded ward that caters for 16-24 year olds who have to stay at Clatterbridge for their treatment.  It will officially open on 21st June 2010 and it is funded by the Teenage Cancer Trust and Clatterbridge Cancer Trust.  It is funded by charitable donations. 

The ward has a recreational area, access to internet, playstations, bed rooms have TVs and  more importantly, there is a pull down bed for a relative to stay.  There are complimentary therapies along with Art and Music therapies and chill out areas.  Outings are arranged by the very caring staff who are dedicated to looking after young people. 

There is also a family support network for family members keeping them up to date about the stages of cancer and treatment effects on their loved one.  Don't be disheartened as young people can't always talk to mum and dad or brothers and sisters about their illness.  During Naseem's stay at Clatterbridge although the ward wasn't ready she did stay on Mersey ward and the staff did support her by popping in and giving her great encouragement.  In particular James George and David Wright. I am very glad to say both these professionals will be having a big in put into this excellent new venture for the North West.

You can read more about the Teenage Cancer Trust at the following link www.teenagecancertrust.org/north-west

On Wednesday 14th April 2010, whilst visiting friends in Liverpool, I popped across the Wirral to see how the launch was going and as luck would have it they were having a seminar in the postgraduate medical centre on the CCO site.  So I set up a stand about our charity for others to see what we here on the Isle of Man are doing in the fight against the disease.   Naseem's Charity will be forging links with the ward at Clatterbridge and will continue to fund raise for research into Brain Tumours for all sufferers and will continue to support any Isle of Man residents who unfortunately may have to attend the Unit.

You may also wish to contact the lead nurse at the ward david.wright@ccotrust.nhs.uk

Please email your feed back on this page to naseemscharity@manx.net

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