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Nationwide International choose Naseem's charity to be their charity of the year (May 2014)

IBTA Chair Denis Strangman retires (March 2014)

Brain Tumour Awarness Month starts now..  (March 2014)

Naseem's Charity make major donation to fund brain tumour research  (December 2013)

New Radiation treatment offers hope to Cancer sufferers  (November 2013)

Laser-guided surgery finds brain cancer's boundary (August 2013)

Glow in the dark brains aid tumour surgery (March 2013)

Brain Tumour Charity and Hammer Brain Tumours out join forces for Brain Tumour awarenesss month March 2013 (October 2012)

Second Tumour proceedure for Jemma
(July 2012) 

Parents spread message of brain tumours in children (June 2012)

Mother joins Brain Cancer awareness scheme
(June 2012)

Click here to read the inspiring story of Emily, one of our receipients
(May 2012)

Belgium Brain cancer vaccine may save Nottinghamshire Boy
(May 2012)

Eye device to detect Brain Tumours launched in Edinburgh
(March 2012)

Willow news (March 2012)

MEA staff donate to local charites
(January 2012)

The garden Party to return for 2012
(November 2011)

Database of brain tumour support resources set up
(November 2011)

Harry has tragically lost his fight against brain cancer (October 2011)

New clinical trial for brain tumout patients dated 19 September 2011

Naseem press release dated 15 June 2011

Parents urged to be brain-tumour aware

Radio 4 article on Brain Tumours (recent)

Clicsargent have specialists attached to UK hospitals, Ask at your hospital if there is any support

The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain Tumour UK  update us on new ways to slow the spread of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). Brain Tumour UK's Senior Research Fellow Dr Quan An has been exploring how two receptors on the surface of brain tumour cells -CD155 and CD44 help glioma tumours to migrate and invade. In laboratory studies she has been able to silence the two receptors using a genetic material called siRNA.

She commented:

"If we can stop brain tumour cells from invading and spreading by using gene therapy, we can give conventional drug-radiation-based treatments a greater chance of success"!


See above link regarding brain tumour awareness week 

See link below regarding the research programmes we are suppporting:


UK doctors are to get new guidelines on diagnosing brain tumours in children, in order to tackle delays in treatment.  To read more click here

The mother of a schoolgirl diagnosed with a brain tumour urges people to back a campaign for more research funding.  To read more about this please click here

Scientists have discovered two genes that appear responsible for one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. To read more about this please click here

More funding needs to be ploughed into research into the forgotten cancer of brain tumours, campaigners say.  To read more about this please click here

Aggressive childhood brain tumours could be treatable with a novel combination of two existing cancer drugs, a study suggests.  To read more about this please click here

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